Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Great Gall of China

China's first line of defense against America's pivot to the Pacific is right here at home:

China has been more aggressively using lobbying and economic clout to suppress criticism of China in the West. At the same time China encourages foreign academics, journalists and government officials to give favorable treatment of the communist dictatorship in China by using cash, favors and threats. While many foreigners rebuff the Chinese, many do not, and China keeps at it.

This includes pressuring companies with ties to China to keep their own corner of the universe free of criticism of China. The remake of Red Dawn, for example, was rewritten to make North Korea the invading country instead of China. I know the movie requires one to willingly suspend disbelief to accept an invasion of America, but suspending it to the degree that allows you to accept North Korea as the invader requires the physical removal of parts of the brain related to awareness of the real world. I think Hillary Clinton would have trouble with that level of suspension.

Good grief, people. It would be more plausible to construct a scenario where Canada invades us.

But who are we to complain about what China does? Other than being behind the destruction of a movie that I will not watch as a result, they are reasonably enlightened, after all.