Sunday, August 15, 2010

The World of BoreCraft

Open Europe emails about an online role-playing game paid for by the European Union which allows you to step into the fascinating world of the EU bureaucracy.

My character, Claude, is already a Level 8 Rulemaker; Level 9 Insufferable; Level 12 Entitlement; and Level 20 Pay--with a personal staff of 28, already!

I make Bribery saving throws of 7, so I have a way to go on that. But my Red Tape Level is 15, so nothing happens in my subcommittee without my say so!

The wonders of Citzalia await you!

  • Regulate the cheeses!
  • Raise the VAT!
  • Condemn Israel!
  • Debate the European-wide common yogurt policy!
  • Assign the 3rd Junior Drafting Assistant to the Senior Administrative Assistant to take a memo to the Subcommittee Chair on Workplace Safety to approve your bill on Stapler Safety Standards for consideration by the full Committee on Labor and Soft Cheeses! 
  • Take all of August off for vacation!

They really do live in their own little world, don't they?

UPDATE: Heh. Mad Minerva fell asleep while reading the Citzalia site.