Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kill Him Before He Dies on His Own

Saddam is still alive with the trials slowly moving forward.

His lead attorney, demonstrating touching interest in American interests, wrote to President Bush urging that Saddam not be executed:

"I warned him against the death penalty and against any other decision that would inflame a civil war in Iraq and send fire throughout the region," al-Dulaimi said in a telephone interview from Baghdad. He did not say when he sent the letter to Bush.

"Any foolish American decision will further complicate things and will pose a serious threat to U.S. interests in the region," al-Dulaimi said.

Of course, this is a sovereign Iraqi court so a letter to our president is little more than propaganda that denies the legitimacy of the Iraq government and court. So our president has not, I hope, answered this note. Just pass it along to the Iraqis without comment or toss in the garbage.

Really, though, if Saddam's attorney is so convinced that keeping Saddam alive is good for Iraq, good for the region, and good for us, I think we can all reasonably conclude that Saddam should be shot, hung, given a lethal injection, and then shot again. Just in case. His death will be good for Iraq, the region, and us.

Seriously, why is Saddam Hussein still alive nearly three years after we captured him? What about his guilt is still in question?