Monday, September 04, 2006

Deep Thinking

Many deadlines have passed and still the Iranians make it clear they will gladly talk as long as nobody even thinks talking will lead to Iran halting nuclear work. So this news is interesting:

The European Union's foreign policy chief and Iran's senior nuclear negotiator tentatively agreed to meet Wednesday in a last-ditch attempt to bridge differences over Tehran's atomic program, U.N. and European officials said.

The EU will try to get Iran to stop nuclear work. We haven't convinced them. Germany, France, and Britain haven't succeeded. But where these countries have failed, the higher beings at the EU will give it the old Euro try.

So, you philosophy majors out there, when the object that cannot move anything meets an immovable object, what happens?

No, don't bother. I'll give you the answer. In the end, the result will be that Iran has nuclear missiles and the EU will have a twelve-volume report on the meetings nicely bound in leather with official wax seals and nice ribbons affixed prominently.

UPDATE: The immovable object won't meet the object that cannot move anything--at least for now:

Talks meant to give Tehran a last chance to avoid U.N. sanctions over its nuclear defiance were postponed Wednesday, with a senior Iranian envoy saying "a procedural matter" had caused a delay of several days.

So until the "procedural matter" can be cleared up, you have additional time to contemplate the philosophical implications of the proposed meeting. Or debate the proper font for the EU document.

I'm sure the "procedural matter" involves the diplomats of Iran trying to figure out just how to say "no" yet again with a new word that can still give hope to EU surrenderniki.