Thursday, February 02, 2006

What Do They Want?

This is an excellent overview (via Instapundit) of the war in Iraq and various misconceptions.

I may quibble on small points, but the big point that we are winning and doing well is spot on accurate.

This part about how journalists and academics are pessimistic about Iraq while officers are optimistic is particularly interesting:

In September and October 2005, Princeton Survey Research asked various American leadership groups whether they believe the U.S. will succeed or fail in establishing a stable democratic government in Iraq. Most academics agree with Howard Dean: only a quarter say we will “succeed.” Most journalists agree with Dean: Only one third answer “succeed.” Among military officers, however, two thirds say the U.S. will succeed in Iraq.

I suppose you could say that the desire of our officers to win the war they are fighting and sacrificing for colors their judgment. Certainly, more than cold calculating logic goes into any opinion.

But then, what does this say about our journalists and professors who think we will lose in Iraq? Just what motivation is coloring their analysis?

Debate amongst yourselves.