Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Symmetrical War

I wasn't worried about Palestinians getting their own state and I'm not worried about Hamas controlling it. Strategypage puts it well:

The next round of fighting between Israel and Hamas will be against a Palestinian government, not just a terrorist organization. As a government, Hamas has a lot more targets for the Israelis to go after. Hamas is a bigger target now, and a more vulnerable one.

And as I said when asked right after the election, it provides clarity. When Fatah could tolerate Hamas killing Israelis yet be largely immune to counter-attack because Fatah could argue that the Isrealies shouldnt hit them unless they want Hamas to win power, Israel was constained in what it could do. Europeans could more easily pretend that the PA was just a reasonable negotiating partner, too, and blame Israel for not agreeing to Fatah's logic.

Now the facade is ripped away. The terrorists are in charge and if they try to continue terror attacks, Israel will be able to smash up PA assets with more freedom of action.

So don't panic. The Palestinian people may not like what Hamas brings down on them. And as long as we work to ensure there will be future elections, democracy may yet bring peace to that region.

Ok, let's see if this will finally post. Stuff has been buggy last couple days.