Monday, February 27, 2006

Drive On

The panic over the much-hoped-for civil war in Iraq (at least by those opposed to the war) seems to be subsiding.

The violence in Iraq over the Sammara shrine bombing is petering out faster than the violence over the Dutch cartoons:

Throughout Iraq, passions aroused by Wednesday's bombing of an important Shiite Muslim shrine in Samarra and reprisals against Sunni Muslim clerics and houses of worship appeared to have subsided considerably. Curfews and a ban on vehicle traffic were lifted in several mixed Sunni-Shiite provinces but continued in the capital, where children took over empty streets to play soccer.

And the Sunnis are coming back to the bargaining table over a new government:

Leaders of the main Sunni Arab political bloc have decided to return to suspended talks over the formation of a new government, the top Sunni negotiator said Sunday. The step could help defuse the sectarian tensions that threatened to spiral into open civil war last week after the bombing of a Shiite shrine and the killings of Sunnis in reprisal.

And the war on the ground continues to go our way despite the panic of some over the very normal event of the enemy not wanting to go along with our victory plan:

In one of his closing comments, Mr. Buckley assumes that eventually President Bush and the military leaders will acknowledge a tactical setback and instead insist on the survival of strategic policies. He has the tactical and strategic definitions confused. The war has been an overwhelming tactical success. Even the enemy has conceded this, which is why the terrorists have relied upon the sensational news of blowing up innocent civilians. Since they are unable to confront coalition forces or the Iraqi Army, they have targeted the weakest link, yet survive upon the benefits that the mainstream media and the left have provided. Those unwilling to continue the success in Iraq look upon the negative news and are adamant that this must be leading to a civil war, thus, indicating defeat in the overall mission. On the contrary, the President and top military leaders have maintained a consistent vision for success in the strategic arena which requires a firm commitment to ensure a free and democratic Iraq.

I know many Americans will be disappointed that we did not lose this week. But at the end of the day, the grownups are continuing to fight the war and cope with the enemy's moves. And none of those reactions should include jumping on the kitchen chair and shrieking "Eek!" William F. Buckley included.

History and not hysteria will guide us to victory.

UPDATE: Jack Kelly echoes my thoughts.