Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Airy Defense

The idea that you might have to shoot down a passenger plane to prevent a worse tragedy on the ground is a terrible calculation to make. I hope we don't have to face that choice.

But before such an event happens, the German courts have decided, and in doing so demonstrated that they have no concept of reality or math at all:

A German court ruled that a hijacked aircraft could not be shot down to prevent it from crashing into a stadium full of people. The court said that the rights of the passengers on the hijacked aircraft took priority over attempts to prevent greater loss of life in the stadium. The ruling came as Germany was organizing security for the soccer world cup. There will be a no-fly zone over the stadiums, but because of this ruling, the fighter jets patrolling the air space will not be allowed to shoot down aircraft threatening the thousands of people in a stadium.

Does the German court think that a hijacked plane with all those passengers with theoretical priority rights will gently glide to a safe landing when the very real terrorists aim for a stadium full of people? At what point does the court think the inflatable ramps on the diving plane will deploy, allowing the passengers to exercies those superior rights and bounce to safety?

The German court in reality condemned a stadium and a plane each full of people to die. Superior and inferior "rights" are purely theoretical when confronted by the reality of terrorist hatred and will to kill. In the math of terrorists, we all have "inferior" rights and by their calcualtion, one plane full of people controlled by terrorists plus one stadium full of people equals one plane plus one stadium full of dead people.

And the court made it more likely that terrorists thinking of doing this will attack in German air space.

Yet another reason we must treat our Long War as an actual war and not a law enforcement issue subject to court idiocy best reserved for actual criminal defendants.