Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I'm Game, Kill Them All

I have no problem adding white supremacists to our target list of terrorists.

If they have international reach and organization intent on killing Americans at home, and if we or our allies can't suppress them with law enforcement, bombs away, I say. Drone strike their hate-filled asses. Remember, much of the war on terror in the West is a law enforcement issue. We don't bomb New Zealand or Germany--or even Saudi Arabia-- because we count on them to police their own territory. So it isn't as if we'd have a lot of target regions for bombing. But if we do, go for it.

But I have difficulty believing our Left really thinks white supremacists are a significant terror threat. If they did think that they would, as they've done since September 11, 2001 when al Qaeda attacked us at home, ask "why do they hate us?" as if we did something to deserve the hate and death.

If the Left truly thought white supremacists were a threat they'd try to duck fighting them by asserting they are not "animals" because they have a "spark of divinity" in them.

But the Left won't sign off on a bombs away strategy to kill white supremacists over there so they don't attack over here (including in New Zealand). Heck, they probably wouldn't even approve of putting them in Guantanamo Bay as I suggested in the last weekend data dump. Our Left will just want more government bureaucrats to clamp down on American freedoms and of course government spending programs of various sorts.

In the end, the war on white supremacists is likely just one more of those "more urgent" threats that has to be taken care of first at the expense of the current war on Islamist terror or the problem of potential North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons.

And if we do go to war against white supremacist terrorists, will our Left do as good a job as so many people who support fighting the war on Islamist terror of separating the vile fiends who kill for their version of Islam from the vast majority of Moslems who are not killers and not supporters of the killers? We'll see if the Left can distinguish between the killers and the vast majority of white people who are neither killers nor supporters of killers.