Friday, April 28, 2017

The Long-Telegraphed Southern Front

Are we about to open a southern front inside Syria?

As coalition forces inch closer toward the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, increased U.S. military activity on Jordan’s northern border suggests that the fight against ISIS will soon expand to southern Syria.

Well, we've been preparing for a southern front for 4 years, at least.

If we were serious about fighting Assad, I figured this was a likely place to do it. But that was 430,000 dead ago.

Instead we went to the eastern part of Syria--to fight ISIL and avoid the question of what to do about Assad.

Does a southern front mean that we will help Syrian enemies of Assad?

Or is this just taking the fight against jihadis to its logical conclusion?

And is it an effort to put pressure on Iran inside Syria?

UPDATE: You know, this would complement an Israeli offensive into Lebanon to hammer Hezbollah.

It would help protect Israel's Golan flank and would benefit from Israel making Hezbollah too busy to be Assad's shock troops.