Saturday, July 02, 2016

So What's the Best Case Scenario for Hillary's Email Outrage?

One thing I've wondered about is why President Obama let Hillary Clinton get away with her home brew email server that was vulnerable to foreign hackers?

The president had to know. Unless he and his staff never saw any of her emails. Which is impossible given she was secretary of state. So the president knew. Yet did nothing. Why?

If I was super devious, I'd assume that the president let this vulnerability ride even as he centralized foreign policy decision-making in the White House which sidelined the State Department for all but routine work.

That way, Hillary was free to rack up frequent-flyer mileage while making cash appeals for the Clinton Foundation with the president able to deny knowledge of that abuse of office.

Meanwhile, the real work of our foreign policy went on around the obstacle of an untrusted Clinton.

And if our government wanted to leak fake information to the Russians, Chinese, or Iranians, just send it to Hillary.

The hackers, having to work for the information, would find it more credible.

Mind you, if true this is a defense of the Obama administration for letting Hillary get away with this nonsense and not a defense for Hillary using a bathroom server and vulnerable private email system.

And no, I don't think Hillary would have been part of this sting. She'd have to believe she was conducting real diplomacy to be believable by our foes, and I don't think our thin president trusted Hillary as far as he could heave her to let her in on the counter-intelligence ploy.

Like I said, if I was really devious.

Yet reality is usually more straightforward. If I had to bet money it would be on Hillary Clinton's corruption and the president's carelessness.

But we do pay people in our government to be devious regarding our foreign foes, eh?

UPDATE: If I was devious, a sociopath, and a member of the Obama administration inner circle, I might claim exactly this scenario (whether or not it is true) to throw Hillary under the bus, avoid fallout from Hillary's counter-attack blackmail threat, and put someone like Joe Biden into the race to truly be a third Obama term rather than giving the White House to the hated Clinton Family Criminal Enterprise.

Does anyone in the White House watch Game of Thrones?