Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nice Guys finish Last?

The State Department is getting tougher with our friends in Honduras than they'd dream of doing for any enemy regime or hopped up jihadis:

The OAS Foreign Ministers mission is in Honduras seeking support for the San Jose Accord, which would restore the democratic and constitutional order and resolve the political crisis in Honduras. In support of this mission and as a consequence of the de facto regime’s reluctance to sign the San Jose Accord, the U.S. Department of State is conducting a full review of our visa policy in Honduras. As part of that review, we are suspending non-emergency, non-immigrant visa services in the consular section of our embassy in Honduras, effective August 26. We firmly believe a negotiated solution is the appropriate way forward and the San Jose Accord is the best solution.

As I've mentioned, Micheletti needs to rogue up if he wants respect from our current government.

This is repulsive. We should be ashamed to be taking the side of Zelaya and his Axis of El Vil friends against the true democrats of Honduras trying to defend their constitution.