Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hello, I Really Must Be Going

The latest rumors about Zarqawi have him either dead or wounded:

The latest furor over al-Zarqawi began Tuesday when an Internet statement called on Muslims to pray for his life, followed by competing statements on his health and whereabouts.

The mystery deepened Wednesday after reports that two Arab doctors in another country were treating al-Zarqawi, chief of al-Qaida in Iraq and wanted for some of the deadliest attacks in the country.

He could be dead and his supporters are trying to soften the impact of finally saying he is dead by announcing his injury. That way, the death announcement won't come out of the blue.

But by saying he is wounded and seeking medical attention in another country, Zarqawi's people may simply be providing a good excuse for Zarqawi leaving Iraq. And if it is said he is wounded, it gives Zarqawi an excuse for staying hidden for months as he seeks a safe haven outside of Iraq.

Remember, Zarqawi said he wouldn't be able to stay in Iraq if democracy came to Iraq. And Iraqis are turning against his murderous tactics. As I noted before, I figured Zarqawi would flee Iraq at some point and leave his fighters as a rear guard to cover his retreat:

Just as Zarqawi fled Fallujah ahead of the US assault in November, Zarqawi will get the Hell out of Iraq as his minions are hunted down. Being pulled out of a spider hole or shot is for the little people--or dumbasses like Saddam and his boys.

It would be nice to kill Zarqawi inside Iraq but I fear he will bug out first.

That's my guess. Zarqawi is running. Not dead or wounded.