Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Why They Hate Us

The collective wisdom of the anti-war folks and their actor allies is that America has earned the terrorist attacks by our actions. Oh, they often (but not always) say that nothing justifies terrorist attacks such as 9-11, but, they add, our policies contributed to the anger. Our policies must change, they say.

Wait for it!

Oh, this is good. While Hollywood preaches about how we must reform our foreign policy so that we don't get what we deserve, this study (in "The Next Generation's Image of Americans," Boston University communication professors Melvin and Margaret DeFleur) says that Hollywood has caused our poor image, with negative attitudes corresponding to how much of Hollywood's products they see. The irony is superb. The stars hate what they have created. All our aid and assistance to Moslems around the world have been swamped by the image of America produced by Hollywood and sold abroad.

Maybe 100 State Department officials will pen a letter urging no more car chases and one night stand scenes in our name. Perhaps human shields will stake out the next Baldwin film. Maybe Powell will visit Sean Penn's home and see for himself what is going on.

If Hollywood is a "root cause" what should we do about it? What would the stars say about this?