Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys

Countdown to Invasion: 10 Days.

These are sad days indeed when the Germans take their marching orders from the French. I am sad for the Germans but have hope that they can reclaim their sense of duty. The French are hopeless. The French attitude is, but of course, annoying and hypocritical:

De Villepin, in a lengthy and at times theatrical news conference, was asked whether France would use its veto power to thwart Washington's campaign for quick action. He said France "will shoulder its responsibilities, faithful to the principles it has."

France would never "associate ourselves with military intervention that is not supported by the international community," de Villepin added. "We think that military intervention would be the worst possible solution."

France, as chair of the Security Council this month, had organized today's meeting on terrorism in part to draw attention to its contention that the Iraq situation has detracted from the more pressing need to confront international terrorism.

It's bad enough that these Vichy Swine did the Nazi's dirty work after losing in 1940, but now we have the sight of the French surrendering to a dictator even before the mere formality of defeat in order to carry out Saddam's wishes.

Yet I have hope. De Villepin said the French will be faithful to the principles it has. Given their Ivory Coast adventure, intervention only under the approving gaze of the UN clearly isn't one of them. Of the few principles that I can identify, sucking up to the winner will outweigh the other major principle of opposing the United States. They'll come on board when they see we are going.

And if not? Well, those Parisian idiots w
ho hosted the Ayatollah Khomeini through many years of exile prior to bringing thugreocracy and the American hostage crisis to Iran twenty-five years ago can just host a bunch of Iraqi Baathist thugs too. They'll be right at home.

On to Baghdad.