Saturday, January 18, 2003

Bianca Jagger

Bill Schneider on CNN tonight said that Bianca was careful to note that she disapproved of Saddam's human rights record. He said this approvingly as he noted how important it is for anti-war protesters to avoid seeming like they side with the enemy. Yet Schneider ignores Bianca's immediate additional comment that she also disapproves of Presdient Bush's human rights record! When someone can look at those two leaders and judge each lacking is amazing. And Schneider's comment that conservatives opposed the Kosovo War and now the left opposes this war, so it is all the same, ignores that in 1999 nobody on the right was out their marching and trying to protect Milosovic. Nobody was claiming that our President was virtually declaring martial law to rule the world. Kosovo opposition argued against the policy, it did not demonize America or our motives. Nor did the right flock to protests organized by Nazis. That is a big difference.

Apparently, the smart money is on late February or early March as the invasion date. Sure, equipment is still flowing to the area then, but I'd load up extra equipment to make the Iraqis think we are coming later. And although it is tough to argue against that information, I keep coming back to the idea that the only way we can gain surprise when we attack is by going earlier than expected. We can't hide we are coming so we can only spoof that we are going much later than we really are. I could be wrong, but why wouldn't we seek surprise? It is such a basic planning goal that I would be astounded if we decide we are so superior that surprise is a luxury and an edge we won't deign to seek.

If we aren't going soon, we should be.