Tuesday, September 24, 2002

War Debate

I like how the unconquerable graveyard of two empires, as described by opponents of fighting the terrorist Taliban regime, has become a "fifth rate" power now that we’ve won. Therefore, it was no big thing to do—no credit should be given to the administration or the military. That from Al Gore, whose relevance is descending to the level of Al Sharpton—to get air time he must claim outrageous things. At least he is consistent. For eight years as VP he did nothing to fight the thugs who want us dead. And if president, he would continue to believe that inaction is the best course of action.

But although Gore does not believe we should eliminate a threat to our country unless the UN blesses it, he is concerned that we have not yet avenged the dead of September 11. Talk about going outside international norms. Is the "avenging" doctrine some Article XXXII provision of the UN charter? Strange to hear someone who has an apparent fetish for UN approval for any action of self defense—which is allowed by the UN, argue for something that is so clearly outside the UN—vengeance.

Oh, and the latest argument against attacking Iraq seems to be to argue that if we do so we will lose our "moral authority" in the world. Wait, didn’t these same critics previously state that the world hates us because of our foreign policy and we have to change that if we are to be liked (and not attacked)? It’s so confusing to follow their arguments. I guess we need to stamp them with a "use by" date so we’ll know when to stop ingesting them lest we get sick to our stomach…

The kaleidoscope of ideas used to justify opposition to war is comforting. Nothing is sticking and the opponents of war are desperate to find something that will get some traction—wrong enemy, not yet, we haven’t debated enough, we’re imperialists, there is no threat yet, war is the last option, it’s about oil, we can deter him, it’s about politics, give peace a chance, give inspectors a chance, give Saddam one more chance—or else.

We will wage war against Iraq and we will win it. And we will be safer for it. We’ll be in Baghdad by January.