Saturday, September 07, 2002

Determined Idiocy

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "or else" inspections plan is out officially, apparently, and nobody seems to be willing to say that a group with the word "peace" in it is wrong. So wrong that one must ask what would motivate them to be so blindly wrong? They claim the plan would force Iraq to disarm or else. Haven’t we been saying that for eleven years? Aren’t we at the "else" part now? Finally? After all, in the same article, it reports that Tariq Aziz denies Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Since the Carnegie people seem to at least concede Iraq does have prohibited weapons, doesn’t this statement by the Iraqi deputy prime minister strike the peace lobby guys as indicating that maybe we can’t trust Iraq? Are they stoned when they assert yet another round will finally prove America is willing to go through the UN to solve this problem; and that we’d get world support because "Iraq's intent would have been cleanly tested and found wanting"? Are they honestly confused about Iraq’s intent after all this time? What exactly was missing from the past efforts to test them? And are they serious when they say the 50,000 force they propose could overthrow Saddam "if" Iraq refuses to comply with the latest hopeful plan?

Face it, the Carnegie peace fetishists would oppose an invasion if Saddam went on al Jazeera, caressed a nuclear bomb while dressed in a smoking jacket, and declared his intention to finish off New York. Further, "the endowment argues that coercive inspections could avoid the threat of Saddam using advanced weapons on invading forces or against Israel, as well as questions about whether Iraq would break apart without him in power." Huh? What about the "or else" part? Not surprisingly, they have ruled out offensive action right off the bat. Why would the Carnegie surrender team believe that Iraq would fire off weapons of mass destruction in response to a massive invasion but not in response to the small force they claim will ovethrow Saddam? Hello? There is no "or else." There never will be an "or else" without us.

I suggest every soldier and Marine write "ELSE!" on their helmets. Every armored vehicle crew stencil "ELSE!" on their vehicle. Every ground crew paint "ELSE!" on their plane. Every Navy crew draw "ELSE!" on their missiles.

The else is coming. Dismiss this idiocy-packed Carnegie plan without so much as a by your leave and get back to the serious business of preparing for war.

Idiocy. Sheer ideologically blinded idiocy.