Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Thank You

Thank you Prime Minister Blair. Your support is appreciated. It is appreciated more because it is a rare voice in a chorus of anti-American suspicion and complex thoughts complicated only to the degree to which they make excuses for a barbaric Iraqi regime.

Too often lately, in reaction to the often disgusting hostility that comes from European papers and leaders, I despair that Europeans and Americans can be friends and allies. I want the apparent rift between us to heal, yet it seems that since the Warsaw Pact and then the Soviet Union collapsed, Europe has no interest in cooperating with us. Not to paint a rosy picture of the Cold War years, since strident voices in Europe complained of ours resistance to the Soviets, but the real threat of a Russian invasion at least gave Europe a floor under which it would not fall in its criticism and suspicion of America.

Now, so many Europeans think we deserved September 11. It is good to see a European leader defend us publicly. I am still not confident that Europe will stick with us, but I have some hope.

And the French are being quiet hoping it is driving the Pentagon crazy. Let’s not tell them we don’t care. I’m enjoying the silence.