Thursday, May 24, 2018

UN Dome

Under no circumstances should a UN force be put in Gaza.

This is nonsense:

Kuwait has circulated to members of the UN Security Council a draft resolution calling for the dispatch of an "international protection mission" to shield Palestinian civilians, according to a copy obtained by AFP on Friday.

The draft "calls for measures to be taken to guarantee the safety and protection of the Palestinian civilian population" and for "the dispatch of an international protection mission."

If you want to know why it is nonsense, look at Lebanon where the UN armed force (UNIFIL) is nothing but a human shield for Hezbollah that interferes with Israel's ability to strike Hezbollah which has turned southern Lebanon into a rocket-launching complex.

Is that what we want for Gaza? I know that is exactly what a lot of people calling for the UN in Gaza want, but America should oppose it.

And really, for all the talk of protecting innocents, at one point Hamas said 50 of 62 killed were actually members of the Hamas terror group/government. An Iran-backed jihadi group said another 3 were their people. So 85% of the Palestinian dead were combatants, it seems. At least.

The best way to protect Gazans would be to overthrow the Hamas government that sends children to the front line of a war.