Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Real Enemy

If the European Union isn't a threat to NATO as the basic force for defending Europe, as the EU always says whenever it does something that diverts money to EU defense efforts, why does the exit of Britain from the EU require any EU changes at all when Britain remains in NATO?


A broad European military strategy involving Britain after Brexit has started to take shape with France at its center, often in negotiations far from the Brussels spotlight and, in one top-level EU meeting, without the U.K. defense minister.

If the EU doesn't harm NATO, why would Britain's exit from the EU when Britain remains in NATO have an effect on European defense strategy?

Of course, the reason is that the EU only wants a European military strategy because it ultimately wants the American-dominated NATO to atrophy. 

If the EU elites didn't despise America more than they fear Russia, NATO would be the focus of European military strategy.

The popular idea that Russia fears EU military integration is obviously nonsense when you consider that the Russians want America out of Europe as much as the EU elites want America out of Europe.