Thursday, May 31, 2018

Operating Beyond the Rings of Predictability

Africa is a huge continent and American assets in Africa are limited. We need flexibility for the theater. AFRICOM should build its own fleet.

This map of American drone footprints from Africa "hubs" (please don't call them "bases") is interesting:

Of course, some of North Africa is within reach of assets based in NATO Europe.

But that still leaves regions in the littorals of western Africa and much of sub-Sahara Africa out of range of American military power.

That's the space The AFRICOM Queen modularized auxiliary cruiser could fill if outfitted with small special forces/infantry detachments as well as drone assets.

In addition, the ship(s) are obviously mobile and so could reinforce the land hubs from unexpected directions from the sea or reinforce the hubs themselves for surge operations--or as a reinforcement in emergencies.

In an era of great power focus, AFRICOM is unlikely to get higher on the list for scarce Navy assets. AFRICOM should build its own fleet.