Friday, April 06, 2018

Grinding Down the Speed Bumps

The European Union may reduce the red tape and infrastructure problems that would slow the movement of NATO forces from the core regions of power weighted to the west to the vulnerable states in the new NATO states in the east.

This is good news:

The European Union announced a plan on Wednesday to enable military personnel and equipment to be moved more quickly across Europe, which NATO sees as vital in the event of a conflict with Russia to overcome border delays and bridges too weak for tanks.

Of course, it just goes to show how the European Union's impact on European collective defense lies in being less of an obstacle. Whether the EU weakens NATO by trying to set up parallel military capabilities outside of the military alliance that protected and protects Europe from Soviet/Russian threats or whether it impedes NATO's ability to move military forces through EU states, the EU's best route if it truly wants to contribute to European security is to get out of the way of NATO.

But the proto-imperial state in Brussels will continue to try to weaken NATO where America dominates in order to strengthen what is still the key measure of a sovereign imperial state--control of the European military power outside of NATO.

And really, an EU military could use the ability to move across borders to suppress local dissent as readily as NATO can use that ability to defend Europe from external threats.