Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Ray of Hope in the Middle East

Somebody didn't get the consensus memo on the "failure" of the Iraq War:

Oddly enough, Iraq, the country that lies between Iran and Syria, is about to hold free national elections on May 12. And what really stands out is that the vote has become a showcase for Iraq’s steady progress in overcoming religious and ethnic divides since the 2003 American invasion. ...

Iraq is still hardly a model democracy after nearly 15 years of elections. The political haggling after this vote may be difficult. ...

Still, with a Middle East so unsettled by religion-based rivalries, Iraq’s small steps in forming an inclusive identity need to be welcomed.

Indeed. The very idea of post-election "political haggling" is a tremendous advance over killing your way to power, no?

And I don't think Chicago is closer to being a model democracy despite a lot longer at it, truth be told.

Although I am deeply suspicious of three-time insurrectionist Moqtada al-Sadr. Is he truly an ex-Iranian pawn and warlord? 

We did win the Iraq War, as I've noted.

The progress in Iraq cited in that article points to the issue of when you deem a war won or lost.

When I was in college, I thought of the Korean War a draw given that South Korea was an autocracy still modernizing. Now with South Korea a democratic and advanced nation, I call that war a victory.

As time goes on, if Iraq remains on this path with American help, more people will have the chance to throw away the consensus memo.