Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Toronto Victory Parade

I missed this news, but at last year's gay Pride Parade in Toronto, the parade evolved from a pride parade to a victory parade:

On Sunday, Black Lives Matter activists pulled off the sort of victory that right-wing hooligans could only hope to achieve: They stopped a gay pride parade.

“We are calling you out!” Alexandria Williams, co-founder of the group’s Toronto chapter, shouted through a megaphone as the Black Lives Matter float came to a halt and marchers sat down. Amid rainbow-colored smoke bombs, she accused event organizers of harboring “a historical and current culture of anti-blackness” -- a curious claim considering how the festival welcomed Black Lives Matter as “guests of honor.”

Black Lives Matter refused to budge unless pride organizers acquiesced to a list of demands[.]

The parade organizers caved in 30 minutes.

Consider what happened. The gay pride parade was supposed to highlight the bravery of people coming out in defiance of historical oppression and suppression.

And then the parade organizers were promoted to the ranks of the oppressors by the BLM "guests."

Mission accomplished. You guys (and/or gals) are the generation that won the war. You have been deemed insufficiently victimized to be in the coalition of the "victims."

Allow me to extend a belated congratulations to the LGBT community! You've clearly made it to the ranks of privilege! Welcome!

Oh, and note the inability of the LA Times reporter to simply report the facts and instead insert a leftist fantasy world where "right-wing hooligans" would have halted the parade if they could--and if left-wing BLM bullies hadn't done it in reality.

Will there even be a Pride Parade this year in Toronto? Wouldn't it be like having a white pride parade (what with their own historical and current culture of anti-blackness tarnishing their motives), now, under the circumstances?