Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

President Trump isn't ignoring the world's concerns. He's just concluding that the world is concerned about something stupid that serves their interests rather than ours--and certainly not the planet's.

This should shock nobody:

The US president has announced the withdrawal of the world’s largest economy from the Paris agreement. Europe and China have vowed to push ahead without Washington [emphasis added].

They will push ahead with a toothless and irrelevant pact?

China isn't even required to reduce emissions under global agreements prior to this BS agreement that even Warministas disliked--until America exited--because nothing was mandatory.

And Europe set their base against which they measure reductions the period after the collapse of the Soviet empire in eastern Europe in order to include emissions from heavy industries that would have been shut down anyway as inefficient enterprises unfit for Western economies. So it is fake progress that Europe boasts about even as America made better progress than Europe even after pulling out of the Kyoto agreement under Bush 43.

Truly, the fake progress is baked into the Paris agreement. It just doesn't matter if anybody keeps their commitments let alone whether America does.

This is religious faith--not science. I swear, interpretative dance is next.

I remain far more worried about car bomb footprints than carbon footprints.

How long before some global warming fanatic tells us that the little girls butchered at Manchester will at least be saved from the scourge of living in a world 0.05 degrees Celsius warmer than we'd be if Trump kept America in the Paris agreement?

Enjoy the volume at 11. I'm sure Trump will do three more things to destroy the world next week, too, and keep the shrieking going.

And the odds are good that there will be three more killing sprees by jihadis in that week that won't enrage any leftist one bit.