Monday, June 26, 2017

The New Euro Royalty Smile

Catalonia will vote on the question of secession from Spain in October. This will please the European Union elites who understand that ever closer union is easier with ever more fragmented members.

Well that's interesting (and I'd quote the story but while the web site is viewable the article is not in any of my browsers or in print set up).

Anyway, if that works, more in Spain will want to split and others in Europe will want to split from their parent countries.

Which suits the Euro elites just fine who would rather have little statelets that can't resist the power of Brussels.

Larger states can at least resist Brussels or try to escape if they wish (although I worry for Britain's Brexit in the aftermath of the Prime Minister May electoral debacle).

So best to keep the member states small and weak for the parasitic Euro bureaucrats to solidify their emerging royal status.