Saturday, June 17, 2017

So Puerto Rico Decided to Remain in the Dictatorship?

Isn't the fact that Puerto Rico has repeatedly refused to seek independence from America proof that America isn't the awful place that so many American liberals claim it is?

All over Europe, separatists strain to escape their national rulers. But here? When push comes to shove, there isn't a whole lot of interest in really "escaping":

Puerto Rico's referendum on statehood delivered a lackluster turnout Sunday, with almost four fifths of voters deciding not to cast a ballot, though those who did unanimously backed the territory becoming a US state.

A weak turnout had been predicted, given the call by opposition parties -- which supported the status quo -- for a boycott of the non-binding vote.

Even on the eve of the Trumptatorship, Puerto Ricans think staying in America is just fine.

And if they ever decide to leave, American troops won't be sent as little green men to persuade them to stay. We'd wish them well and concluded trade and travel deals as we do with any other foreign state.

Maybe liberal Californians still in a panic about Trump will migrate in large numbers to Puerto Rico in time to lead their ignorant Caribbean brethren into exiting America in the next referendum.