Monday, June 12, 2017

Does Any Body Count Overcome Our Tolerance for Dead Girls?

In our sixteenth year after the September 11, 2001 terror attack on our own shores, which inspired even the French to say we are all Americans, now; even in the face of the slaughter of young women and girls at a pop concert at Manchester, the Western left seems more confirmed in its belief that we are all doomed to be killed by our enemies, now and into the future with no real way to avoid that fate.

Pretty much:

Liberal ideology conceives of “safe spaces” in the context of alleged white patriarchy, but there was a real need for a “safe space” in Britain’s Manchester Arena on May 22, when 22-year-old terrorist Salman Abedi detonated his nail- and screw-filled suicide bomb after a concert by teen idol Ariana Grande. What was the “progressive” answer to yet another instance of Islamic terrorism in the West? Feckless calls for resisting hate, pledges of renewed diversity, and little else.

Even in the face of the Manchester attack on young British female Neocons (because it has to be our fault, right?) by a jihadi, the left focuses more on the worry that there will be a "backlash" against all Moslems for the mass murder of a jihadi Islamist than on the actual "lash" of the terror attack and mass murder.

America--and the rest of the West--has admirably refused to sink to that level.

Even in my anger at the jihadis in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and my determination to defeat them, I worried that past discrimination against Americans of German, Italian, and Japanese ancestry could be repeated in the aftermath of 9/11:

Above all, vigilance must not degenerate into paranoia. We must trust that our Moslem and Arab neighbors share our values. They or their parents or grandparents immigrated to America because they too cherish our freedoms and way of life. Like most Americans, they are here because someone in their family fled poverty, oppression, or both, to build a better life for their children. They are horrified and angry like all Americans. "They" are our friends and neighbors and are part of "us." Some, whether citizens or residents, will be guilty of cooperating with the enemy or even actively fighting us. This is not new. Fascism and communism had their admirers here even in our darkest hours during those fights. Those betrayers were guilty as individuals and not as members of any religion or ethnic group. Let us not descend into the logic of our enemies that the perceived or actual guilt of one condemns all similar innocents. Our enemies will have won the war in a fundamental and lasting way if we become like the terrorists even as we physically destroy our terrorist enemy.

Despite the years--even decades--of Westerners absorbing assorted shootings, bombings, lethal hijacks, stabbings, vehicle rampages, and beheadings without resorting to that dread "backlash," liberals can't let go of that so-far baseless fear in order to do something about the jihadi attacks that inspire their deep fears of "backlash."

I long ago let go of my worry about this backlash--modern America has proven itself better than our forebears on this issue--but the left cannot. The internment camps--or even concentration camps--are always just around the corner for them.

Face it, while Moslems as a group are not guilty of any of these jihadi attacks, you must admit that Islam is not irrelevant to the problem of little girls being slaughtered.

It remains sadly true today that many Western liberals seem honored to be the victims of jihadis:

The multi-cultis "understand" the rage that leads to beheading Westerners and other infidels. Not so bad in context, don't you see? And the multi-cultis understand that we are just as bad. The "militants" may actually behead Christians and infidels but McDonalds and Britney Spears are cultural beheadings just as bad. Can't you see that? All the same, so why not just let them win. What's the dif?

Of course, the whole exercise in moral relativism collapses if you notice that one side is actually superior to the other and that one side is murdering infidels as fast as they can and are only sad they can't speed up the process.

But don't worry. Our multi-cultis are capable of excusing any offense by our enemies and magnifying any flaw on our side to excuse beheadings and honor killings and whatever else our jihadi enemies decide we deserve. When some on our side decide to be nonjudgmental, the sky's the limit for our enemies.

I refuse to accept that the occasional mass murder of little girls is just the acceptable price we have to pay to earn the right to preen about putting COEXIST bumper stickers on our cars.