Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Nuance! It Burns!!

For the media, events are only complicated when you have to contort reality to protect the Obama legacy.

Oh good Lord, get a room:

Weren’t Syria’s Chemical Weapons Destroyed? It’s Complicated

No, it isn't complicated. The answer to the question asked is "no," Syria's chemical weapons were not destroyed. The 2013 chemical weapons deal not only was supposed to eliminate Assad's chemical weapons but Assad signed on to an international agreement to promise not to use chemical weapons.

But when Assad repeatedly uses chemical weapons since the deal, journalists have to go into full contortion complete with ball gags to explain that inconvenient truth away.

Bravo Mr. Shane. Your mastery of nuance is breathtaking.

After all, if the Syria chemical weapons deal was this bad, somebody might ask about the Iran nuclear deal.