Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Does Windows 10 Suck?

It is a common occurrence since I switched to Windows 10 on my pretty new computer for it to declare it is using too much memory and then just lock up.

The screen goes black and all I can do is power off the computer and restart.

In a bonus, unlike Windows 8 which would offer me the chance to reopen my last browsing session that unexpectedly ended, in Windows 10 I get no such option.

So this morning I lost my blogging queue. I know. Big loss to the world. But it is annoying to me.

Scheduled posts will continue, of course.

So thanks for the free Windows 10 upgrade!

UPDATE: Oh, and as long as I'm on the subject of Windows 10 sucking memory like a sponge, why does Internet Explorer now routinely have to shut down and reopen tabs because it has encountered a problem?

UPDATE: I will say something good about Windows Defender. I had clicked on a Yahoo! news story when a very real Adobe Flash update screen appeared. I looked at the address bar and the alphabet address did not inspire me with confidence, so I clicked away.

Moments later Windows Defender announced it had detected malware and was getting rid of it. So good on that.