Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Most Intrusive Nuclear Inspections Ever!

In addition to a review of Iran's nuclear deal-financed wars, Strategypage describes a detail of Iran's nuclear program that doesn't get much coverage:

Even as the July 2015 treaty was being signed there was mounting evidence that Iran was already working to continue its nuclear weapons research program. Before and after July 2015 there were satellite photos available showing work performed at the underground nuclear facilities at a military base (Parchin) that was long suspected of housing a nuclear research facility. For a long time Iran never let UN (IAEA) inspectors near inspect this base. Yet recent satellite photos showed Iran “cleaning up” evidence that nuclear weapons research was going on there. One condition of the July 14 treaty was to let IAEA visit Parchin before the end of 2015. The facilities IAEA wanted to inspect were all destroyed or modified and much material removed before the inspectors finally arrived. Meanwhile there were new underground facilities being built that the inspectors were not allowed near.

Remember, there are Americans and Westerners who celebrate this simply awful deal that will only shield Iran from serious efforts to prevent them from getting long-range nuclear missiles.

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