Friday, February 05, 2016

If Emmanuel Goldstein Had a Brother

I don't understand why the Left gets so worked up over the Koch brothers spending their money openly to influence political debate in ways they like. That's what liberal wealthy donors do all the time to the applause of the Left.

And more important to my utter bafflement of the intensity of the hatred that has gone well beyond two minutes is that the Koch brothers are hardly right wingers as the term is generally defined:

They are pro-gay marriage. They favor liberal immigration policies. They are passionate non-interventionists when it comes to foreign policy. They are against the drug war and are spending a bundle on dismantling so-called “mass-incarceration” policies.

I'm not a particular fan of the Koch brothers, as a general rule. But I am a big fan of their right to use our freedoms to affect the debate. I may not think much of the message that American film stars jetting off to Davos to affect a debate dear to their hearts, but they do have that right. Period.

What's with the need to hate? And the pride about their particular focus of hate?