Friday, December 04, 2015

Monsters! Wait. What? Coexist!

It seems that the female attacker in San Bernardino pledged allegiance to ISIL:

The woman who carried out the San Bernardino massacre with her husband had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and its leader on Facebook, a U.S. law enforcement official said Friday, providing the strongest evidence to date that the rampage may have been a terrorist attack.

I've heard elsewhere that there is a suspicion that she radicalized her husband to the point of acquiring arms and building pipe bombs--and then killing people, of course.

The whiplash on the Left is so widespread that it must have its own code for Obamacare paperwork, given that they've had to quickly pivot from blaming the NRA and all Republicans for the attack to warning that there should not be the Dread Backlash against all Moslems for the terrorism of jihadis.

Sure, I want no backlash against the majority of normal Moslems. But the change of tone is amazing.

Let's get on with killing jihadis and crushing ISIL so dumbass jihadi wannabees don't go online and pledge their allegiance to ISIL and slaughter some more of us.

On the bright side, our policies on women in combat have caught up to the progressive levels of ISIL.

So we've got that going for us.


Last month, when a Colorado Christian entered a Planned Parenthood clinic and fatally shot three people, the mainstream media rushed to make the connection to “right-wing domestic terrorism,” even though police hadn’t made any connection and the evidence was thin.

When two California Muslims shot up a government office several days later, massacring 14, national journalists refused to call it Islamic terrorism even though evidence of the shooters’ motive was overwhelming.

“Motive still elusive in deadly Calif. rampage,” was The Washington Post’s top headline Friday morning.

About that elusive motive:

I caught some of Morning Joe from my hotel room before I left for the airport. The caption for one discussion was “Were They Radicalized?” I keep seeing stories asking this question as if it’s some great mystery we may never get to the bottom of. The media and the Democratic party are working very, very, hard to pound the wet clay of San Bernardino into a story about runaway gun violence in America.

Just curious: What discrete piece of info are we waiting for to get a definitive answer to that question? Because I thought it might be the thousands of rounds of ammo, the remote-control-car-bombs, the decision to abandon their six-month-old daughter, the contacts with terror suspects and, oh yeah, the murder of 14 people. But hey, that’s just me.

And more has come out since that observation by Jonah.

The Left is funny. If some criminal hits an abortion clinic, the Left is quick to blame the entire NRA if not all Republicans for criminal (or terrorist, if you prefer) acts.

But if jihadis kill, the Left's worry is always about the Dread Backlash against Moslems.

Never the lash. Always the backlash.