Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hubs and Tubs

We are looking at setting up anti-terrorism "hubs" to react to jihadi threats in the arc of crisis stretching from West Africa to Afghanistan. That's not enough reach.

We are thinking of setting up bases with special forces and conventional forces in order to react to jihadi threats:

Defense Secretary Ash Carter is reviewing a proposal to develop military "hubs" in key locations around the world to fight ISIS affiliates and other terrorist groups, according to a senior Pentagon official. ...

The Pentagon official said locations for the hubs could include southern Europe, in order to be close to Libya, as well as the Middle East. Sites where the military operates in Afghanistan and Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, are two other locations for such an effort the official said.

In one sense, I'm kind of puzzled about the need to locate hubs in southern Europe since virtually the entire northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea is composed of NATO members. Shouldn't that be one giant hub right now?

And since we also already have forces in Djibouti and Afghanistan, what exactly is this "hub" proposal other than a rebranding effort of what we already have in order to demonstrate we are "doing something" about ISIL?

Hey, here's an idea. Use Modularized Auxiliary Cruisers as mobile platforms for special forces and conventional units to reinforce efforts in the arc of crisis or to project power further south away from our usual centers of power in the north?

Hubs and tubs.