Friday, December 11, 2015

Focus on the Who and Not the What

This was enjoyable.

And for those who believe guns are the problem and not the jihadi killers who use them, you're wrong. We have more guns than ever in our country yet gun killing rates keep going down.

"But if the killers only had knives, they can't kill as many people as someone with a gun could," they say.

Apparently, these people have forgotten that the biggest terror attack on our soil was made possible by jihadis with box cutter blades--and for real yuks, "non-lethal" chemical agents.

The weapon is the jihadi. The means are flexible and mere details.

It's like I've always said, the real weapon of an army is the soldier.

To illustrate, in basic training, my bayonet fell out of my pocket while running back to our equipment to move out. Sadly, as I backtracked to find it, a drill sergeant already had it.

When I claimed it as mine, the drill sergeant reamed me out, asking what I'd do in combat if that was all I had?

While I made no excuses for dropping the bayonet, I did stand my ground on the real weapon issue. In answer to his question, I told him that I would use whatever was at hand to fight.

Not that I went into my philosophy at that moment, but the point was that I was the weapon. A rifle made me more effective. As did a bayonet if that was all I had. But a helmet or an entrenching tool--or just my hands and feet--would have to do if that was all I had.

Yeah, I know, brave talk for a future radio operator (although to be fair, that skill is what made me more effective). But the point remained true for combat soldiers.

And the point remains for jihadis. They--and their motivations to kill us--are the real weapon. What they use to commit the killing is a mere detail. Don't be distracted by the changeable details from the real problem of jihadi killers.

UPDATE: This is surely relevant:

Put simply, today’s liberalism cannot deal with the reality of evil. So liberals inveigh against the instruments the evil use rather than the evil that motivates them.

Gun control is not the issue. Jihadi control is the issue.

Although the left certainly does speak of evil often--the NRA and conservatives (or just the men).

It would help if the left could think of political opponents as people who differ with them on issues such as what constitutes reasonable restrictions on gun ownership rights rather than enemies.

And think of enemies who seek to kill us as enemies.