Thursday, December 17, 2015

Carbon Versus Car Bomb

Given the contrasting sense of urgency this administration brings to fighting global warming and Islamist jihadis, would I be rude to suggest we are saving the planet for the caliphate?

UPDATE: It really is a long war:

Moslems in general say they oppose Islamic terrorism and that Islam is the “religion of peace.” But given the fact that 95 percent of terrorism deaths are attributable to Islamic terrorists and that has been the case for over two decades what is one to make of the situation? Multiple surveys of Moslem populations worldwide show that about 12 percent of the 1.5 billion Moslems on the planet support Islamic terrorism. That’s nearly 200 million people. That explains why after every major Islamic terrorists attack in the West there are open and unmolested (by the police or anyone else) celebrations in most Moslem nations and even in some where Moslems are a minority. This was noted in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, but most governments of these Moslem nations made loud and unequivocal condemnations of these Islamic terror attacks, at least to non-Moslem countries. But internally Westerners who were present in Moslem countries at the time (as some U.S. military personnel were) often saw these celebrations and those who spoke the local language had no illusions about what was being celebrated. There are no such celebrations (most of the time) when the Islamic terrorists are killing Moslems somewhere. In fact most of the victims of Islamic terrorism are Moslems. Thus Moslems can say, with some degree of truth that all Moslems condemn Islamic terrorist violence, without adding that this regret only applies when the victims are fellow Moslems.

Islamist jihadi visions of what Islam should be certainly don't reflect what the majority of Moslems want.

But the vision is based enough on what Islam has been in the past to be a dangerous possibility of the future of Islam if we don't help moderate Moslems defeat the Islamist jihadi vision of Islam to bring it into the 21st century and crush the latest strong horse of the jihadi vision--ISIL.

On the bright side, most victims of jihadis are other Moslems. So the fight isn't ours alone even if our common interests are limited in scope to killing jihadis rather than being aligned in the bigger picture of reforming Islam.

And yes, Saudi Arabia is a major source of that bigger problem. A source that for now is immune (because of their oil resources) to being pressured into rapid changes to undermine that vision of Islam.