Saturday, December 12, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

If climate change causes jihad and we stop using fossil fuels that cause global warming, do not expect the jihad to stop. Expect it to accelerate.

So you think this is good news?

Hosts France issued a 31-page draft text of a deal to combat climate change on Saturday, hoping to secure adoption within hours from 195 nations and mark a turning point for the global economy away from fossil fuels.

Given that Moslem jihadis are outraged that we buy oil--their only significant export--from them at prices that amount to "stealing" from them, imagine their outrage if we actually stop buying any at all because of a climate change pact that actually turns us away from oil?

That should lead to an interesting "why do they hate us?" discussion.

It's always something.

UPDATE: Careful now, this could look like a new Crusade if the Pope isn't careful:

Pope Francis on Sunday urged the countries that signed the landmark Paris agreement on climate change to join in a concerted commitment to put it in practice urgently and to remember the poor as they do so.

Wow. The Pope wants urgent action to stop using the only major export of the Moslem world. Islamophobia, anyone?

NOTE: I edited the initial post language after I found the Zawahiri post on the "stealing" charge that I had in mind.