Saturday, September 12, 2015

Again With the Unexpected Nuclear Production

North Korea is expanding their plutonium production:

Stepped up activity at North Korea's main nuclear complex could point to fresh plutonium production to expand its nuclear weapons stockpile, a US think tank said Wednesday. ...

While stressing the difficulty in determining a precise reason for the movement, the analysts suggested a number of scenarios, including renovation work or the replacement of contaminated equipment.

It's funny, but the experts didn't come up with my explanation for why North Korea recently increased their Uranium production:

I have a third possibility to offer. Perhaps the work being done over the last year has been in anticipation of a new paying customer:

I've long worried that a nuclear deal with Iran will fail to consider that Iran is likely outsourcing some parts of their nuclear program. But what if I'm thinking small?

What if North Korea sells Iran nuclear missiles and rents the facilities in North Korea to launch them?

From North Korea, these missiles could reach Europe, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and a number of targets in America. So Iran doesn't need to have the missiles inside Iran, really.

Iran will have the money. (And Iran's chief nutball's "slush fund" has been unchained.) ...

Even if I accept the farcical notion that the inspections program under President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran can easily detect Iranian cheating, the inspectors will be looking inside Iran. If I may state the obvious, Iran's partner, North Korea, is under no such intrusive scrutiny.

North Korea increases production of two types of nuclear weapon material just as Iran agrees to suspend their work with possible military dimensions.

Isn't that a crazy coincidence?