Sunday, January 04, 2015

This Enemy is Safer than Jihadis

I remember when a sitting Pope fought the greatest danger of our day--Soviet communism.

Well, this should be interesting in a "why are Catholics abandoning their faith these days?" sort of way:

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, will issue a major document known as an “encyclical” in March of next year. ...

Francis is scheduled to visit Tacloban, a Philippine city destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in 2012. After that visit, he will publish the encyclical, which will be distributed worldwide through Catholic Churches. The document is expected to endorse the science behind the warnings about global warming, and to make a moral case for taking steps to reduce the production of greenhouse gases that contribute to the problem.

That's one way to get the Left to stop going on about  shielding priests who abuse children, I suppose. Now the Church is the Defender of the Science!

Ah, the science behind the warnings.

Science moves in mysterious ways when it comes to data selection, indeed.

You must admit that dealing with carbon footprints is much safer than confronting car bomb footprints. Pope Francis won't make that error again!

I'm sure the beleaguered Christian minorities under assault in the Moslem world will appreciate the papal clarity of focusing on real problems that affect their lives.

Yet Rome should not expect the Ukrainian Catholic Church to put this very high on their agenda. They have bigger problems:

The church, a minority faith in largely Orthodox Ukraine, has a long history of guarding the country's identity and independence. Now, it is doing so directly, by supplying ammo, medical kits, and armor to soldiers fighting in the east.

Silly Ukrainian Catholics! What are they thinking? One can hope that the Pope will at least make sure these supplies are properly recycled in appropriately colored bins!

Still, I have to admit that the Pope can claim infallibility on matters of faith and morals. Praise be the science!

So this papal initiative on global warming makes perfect sense. Glory, glory, hallelujah!

As the Pope abandons Catholicism in this Green Reformation, Urban Dictionary will revise the answer to the question "Is the Pope Catholic?" to "No."

Now go and emit no more.