Monday, November 23, 2009

Shot Across the Bow

While Iraq is not strong enough to compel Syria to behave, with America still wooing Boy Assad, we won't use our strength to stop Syrian aid to suicide bombers in Iraq.

But that doesn't mean that Iraq eventually won't take action. I've long figured that Iraq would eventually take on Syria and recently noted concrete steps in that direction.

So consider this a warning to Syria of what Iraq will do to Syria unless Syria stops aiding jihadis and Baathists inside Iraq:

Iraq has had enough. Faced with ongoing attacks from forces supported by Syria, the Iraqis are taking an increasingly hard line and are refusing to back down. They are fully aware that a confrontation brings the risk of further instability, but the Iraqis recognize that the only way to ultimately stop the violence is to stop those enabling it. Already, their new stance towards Syria is bringing results, while the U.S. keeps rewarding Syria through inaction — a silent way of confirming to the Syrians that we understand that our security is dependent upon them.

It will be many years before Iraq can take on Syria in a war, but that day will arrive. Syria will be no more ready for war with Iraq then than they are now--and will likely be worse off as their armed forces further deteriorate. And even before then, Iraq will be able to wage low level war back across the border with American forces shielding Iraq from massive Syrian retaliation.

Damascus needs to end their war on Iraq before Abrams tanks smash into Damascus. Iraqi Abrams tanks, of course, but the result will be the same--if not worse--than if they are American.