Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sailing Home, Victors

Three cheers for the Egyptian sailors who took back their fishing boats from those criminal pirates in Somalia:

The crews of two Egyptian fishing vessels that overpowered pirates off the Somali coast have sailed into Red Sea waters on their way home along with eight of their former captors, an Egyptian official said Saturday.

The 34 fishermen, who were held for captive for four months, captured eight of the Somali pirates and were bringing them to Egypt, said Egypt's deputy foreign minister for consular affairs, Ahmed Rizq.

The owner of one of the vessels, Mohammad Nasr, said the crews turned down the Egyptian government's offer to fly them back Friday from Yemen, where they arrived after subduing their captors. Nasr said the fishermen wanted to sail back to demonstrate their courage and pride.

Damn straight. Sail your vessels home, guys. You deserve to see your home port--belated though your homecoming is. You won one for the good guys.