Sunday, August 16, 2009

Defending Tbilisi

At first it seemed rather ridiculous for the Georgians to send troops for Afghanistan when the Georgians need every troop they have to defend themselves.

But at least the Georgians will get US training and combat experience:

A group of U.S. marine trainers will arrive in Tbilisi on August 15 to help prepare Georgian battalion for deployment in Afghanistan in spring, 2010, the U.S. embassy in Georgia said on Friday.

“The training will focus on skill sets necessary for Georgian forces to operate alongside ISAF partner forces in a counterinsurgency environment in Afghanistan,” the embassy said.

A company will deploy in the fall and a battalion the next year. The Georgians will deploy with no caveats--limits on deployment. So combat veterans will return home where new conventional skill sets will enhance their veteran status.

And the Georgians have a chit to call in should the Russians attack--we owe the Georgians for fighting with us.