Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Coalition of the Willing

Although I was unhappy with the Spanish government for pulling out of Iraq after the Madrid bombings, I also noted that I tried to look at the long run. Over a long war, nations will rise and fall in their determination to fight jihadi terrorism and the sick ideology that spawned it. Only we are really critical to providing continuity. So I hoped Spain would one day rejoin the coalition of the willing in some capacity greater than law enforcement within Spain.

Is this the beginning of a return to combatant status?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he discussed with his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero creating an "alliance of civilizations" between Western and Muslim countries in the fight against terror.

The details need fleshing out, the article says. But perhaps Zapatero finally realizes that the Reconquista predates Iraq as a reason for jihadis to hate Spain. And I assume that even Zapatero won't withdraw from Spain.