Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not Strangers

Saddam was not involved in carrying out 9-11.

I start out this way since so many opponents of the war on terror have trouble separating the above statement with the statement that Saddam was involved in terror and had links with al Qaeda. From Austin Bay comes information on the links. Read it. Bay concludes:

A covert, terrorist organization survives via stealth. It has to cover its tracks. Some information about Al Qaeda, its people, its connections, its intentions, will take years to uncover. King Abdullah and former PM Allawi now offer evidence of Saddam-Al Qaeda connections and Allawi’s suggest potential collaboration. Abdullah’s information implies a tangential conection, but Allawi’s indicates direct dealing. Where’s the front-page reporting and 24/7 cable chitchat? Newsweek needs to follow this lead. Will Dan Rather –while he’s looking for Lucy Ramirez– try to find Faruq Hajizi, the “former ambassador” Allawi names? That’s a 60 Minutes interview we all need to hear.

Why is it so hard for people to think that a brutal dictator would be involved with the most powerful terrorist enemies of America? It would be strange if Saddam didn't have contacts, don't you think?