Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ukraine Speed Bump

Despite the protests, the support of the Western democracies, and the ruling of the Ukraine supreme court, the pro-Russian corrupt elites in Ukraine are not giving up.

The Russians are trying to play on the fear of the US by reliving glory days of the Cold War in order to rally support. But this is not a Cold War ploy. In the Cold War we'd have kept our mouths shut to keep 1,600 Ukrainian troops in action at our side and swallowed our ideals about the form of the government in Kiev. Now, gaining a democracy is more important than the troops in Iraq. Secretary of State Colin Powell is going strong in his last weeks:

"It is not a matter of (spheres) of influence, it is a matter of allowing a country to choose how it wishes to be governed and who it wishes to have as its friends," Powell said on a trip to Bulgaria.

We can't go wobbly on this. We can't let the Russians and their friends in Kiev steal this election.

Go Orange.