Thursday, December 16, 2004

Pipeline to Follow?

China is helping Pakistan to build a new deep water port at Gawadar near the Iranian border. Tourism, fishing, and economic development are touted for this project. And the Chinese role?

The $248 million project, largely funded by China, to turn a fishing port with a population of 60,000-70,000 people into a transit point for Central Asian trade has been touted as a showcase for foreign investment in Pakistan.
Pardon me for suspecting the immense good will on China's part that this seems to paint.

While I am sure that the Pakistani navy will love having a port farther away from India just in case the Indians ever think of pulling their own Pearl Harbor on the Pakistani navy, would the Chinese spend that much money to keep parts of the Indian navy tied down?

I guess I wouldn't be too surprised to hear about a Chinese-financed oil pipeline from Iran to the new Pakistani port that bypasses that Hormuz chokepoint.

Of course, the Chinese couldn't defend the line of supply from Gawadar to China any more than they could support the suppy line to the Gulf.