Monday, December 13, 2004

The EU Must Die

Turkey is attempting to get into the European Union. It is in Europe's interest and our interest to keep Turkey out of the EU.

For us it is more obvious. Turkey has been an American ally in a key region of the world where we have an active war front going; and it would be a mistake to have Turkey sucked into the atmosphere of the EU where Turkey could be neutralized as a US ally. I'm hoping that Turkey's refusal to let 4th ID into Turkey in 2003 was a one-time stumble. Getting them enmeshed in Europe will make it a trend. Keeping Turkey out of the EU will help Ankara look back to the US.

More broadly, America should not be encouraging the EU at all. We fought two wars the last century and one Cold War to keep a hostile power from gaining control of Europe and here we are still officially backing European political integration. What rot! What a Cold War relic of a policy that at least made sense when we were desperate to have Europe strong enough to resist the Soviet Union. That day is long past and despite Putin's pining for the glory days of the USSR, we don't need a unified Europe to aid its own defense. We will always be better off when we can work with individual states who share our view of a particular situation rather than trying to gain consensus from a EU superstate bureaucracy. I am particularly horrified when I think that we won't be able to talk to London without going through Brussels. Lesser horrors include talking to Rome or Warsaw through this channel. Other countries more friendly to us now would also never get their calls forwarded if Brussels is the gate keeper.

Let the EU be a European version of NAFTA, but we should strongly work against political integration by supporting those Europeans who oppose the awful constitution that would set the stage for killing liberty and democracy in Europe. Let the struggle over Turkey be the first real blow to European integration by urging the Europeans to keep Turkey out. Kill the sense of inevitability that the EUrocrats are trying to convey and maybe other doubters will step forward.

Europe is of course torn over Turkey. On the one hand they fear the impact of letting a Moslem nation into the nominally Christian Europe. On the other hand, they hope that letting a moderate Moslem nation like Turkey into Europe will undercut Islamist radicalism as a force in Europe.

I say fat chance to that. Let Turkey's more moderate Moslems into Europe where they can be exposed to the fanaticism present in European mosques and in a generation Turkey will be a flaming Islamist state.

Working to oppose Turkey's entry into the EU would do Europe a favor, save Turkey from a fanatical future, and help America by striking a blow against European political integration. It could get ugly for US-Turkish relations as we stoke European fears of Islam, but after van Gogh's murder, it shouldn't take too much effort on our part.

We'll all be better off in the end.