Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Why We Must Kill Them

Oh no, it is simplistic to think that Iraq and Islamist thugs are linked. Yet they have already vowed fealty to Saddam and the Europeans worry that Islamists will strike with poisons throughout Europe when we invade Iraq. Funny, I thought siding with Iraq was supposed to immunize the Europeans from their fury. Do these Europeans not see that they are a target always? Do the Europeans think the ability to attack them with chemical weapons will go unused even if they manage to derail our invasion? Do they not see that their coddling and appeasement brought these cells into their countries in the first place? Will they not finally fight back against our common enemy?

It will not be our fault if terrorists strike Europeans after we invade Iraq. Europe brought this upon themselves and they should be grateful that we will pave the way for them to clean up the terrorists who live among them and feed off their welfare systems. It is not anti-immigrant or racist to rip out the thugs from the mostly peaceful immigrants who live in Europe. Indeed, it will benefit the larger population by getting rid of the terrorists who prey on the immigrant communities and give them all a bad reputation.

The President laid out—again—the case for war against Iraq. And Powell will go to the UN next week where he will speak slowly and with small words so that even sophisticated Europeans and Hollywood actors will understand the beastly regime we will destroy by capturing Baghdad. The President's speech to Congress will follow soon after, and then very quickly we will get the speech from the White House that war has begun. I'm without a clue as to when it starts, but a couple weeks seems pretty likely.

And in the meantime, the war against al Qaeda will continue and cleaning up Iraq will start—politically and in regard to weapons of mass destruction. And Iran and North Korea remain to be dealt with. And so much more. Yet we will do it because at the end of the day, our security rests with our ability to shape the world and fight the threats to our very lives.

On to Baghdad.