Friday, June 29, 2018

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Oh grow up Russia:

It’s hard for Americans to appreciate the deep sense of vulnerability caused by Russia’s history of successive invasions by Mongols, Poles, Swedes, French, and Germans. With few natural defensive barriers to the east or west, Russian elites have generally sought security in accumulating military power and territory, often favoring a strategy of “the best defense of a good offense.”

It's hard for me to express my contempt for Russia's so-called fear.

Mongols? Total active armed forces: 10,000.

Poles? Total active armed forces: 100,000.

Swedes? Total active armed forces: 20,000.

French? Total active armed forces: 239,000.

Germans? Total active armed forces: 251,000.

None of them are capable of invading Russia, whose total active forces are nearly a million strong. Get over it, Russia. Times change.

And really, what are the limits of Russia's advance west if you accept their need to dominate nations that border them because of that deep sense of vulnerability?

Yet the one country that might gain the capability to invade Russia--China with its 2.3 million active forces--continues to rise and loom over Russia's Far East that China lost to Russia in the 19th century.

Yet Russia appeases them while provoking the West. Which makes sense if you think about it.